JANUARY 2005   ISC Lojistik A.S. a global logistics company, was found and registered on 12 January 2005 in IZMIR by Davud GOK   and Selman NAVRUZ partnership.
    FEBRUARY 2005   In order to form a supplier network, secure know-how and ensure customer trust, ISC Lojistik A.S. became a   member of UTIKAD in the first month of its founding.
    MARCH 2005   In order to form its global representation network and to reply customer needs swiftly and without problem at any   point in the world ISC Lojistik A.S. became a member of FIATA.
    SEPTEMBER 2005   Due to increasing internal volume ISC Lojistik A.S. needed more staff and moved from its 27 square meter office in   Mesta Office Block to the 85 square meter suite at Floor 7 of Berin Resat Aksoy Plaza.
    JANUARY 2007   By addition of Selcuk OZTURK to the group the institutionalisation efforts were sped up, especially focusing on   development in fundamental personnel matters, training and shipping management systems.
    JUNE 2007   ISC Lojistik A.S. brand and logo were approved and registered by the Turkish Patents Institute.
    APRIL 2009   ISC outgrew its 85 m2 office at Floor 7 of Aksoy Plaza, and moved to 300 m2 Floor 4 of the same Plaza.
    JANUARY 2010   ISC Lojistik A.S made an agreement with SOFT software for electronic integration of all its work procedures.
    JUNE 2011   Necip OZUUGURLU was assigned as Izmir Central Branch Manager.
    DECEMBER 2011   ISC Lojistik A.S. has been awarded by 100 Fastest Growing Companies - Türkiye / Allworld Network organisation as   72nd.
    APRIL 2012   ISC Lojistik A.S. ANKARA BRANCH opened. Yıldız GOK was assigned as Branch Manager.
    DECEMBER 2012   ISC Lojistik A.S. MERSIN BRANCH opened.
    JANUARY 2013   ISC Lojistik A.S. received ISO 9001–2008 Quality Certificate.
    APRIL 2013   ISC Lojistik A.S. moved its Main Office from Suite 7, Floor 4, Aksoy Plaza to more useful Suite 8 on the same floor.
    SEPTEMBER 2013   ISC Lojistik A.S. converted to Digital Multiline Phone system and integrated under the call number + 90 444 74 14.
    NOVEMBER 2013   ISC Lojistik A.S. İSTANBUL BRANCH opened. Harika BAYRAKTARGİL was assigned as Branch Manager.
    NOVEMBER 2014   ISC Lojistik A.S. Izmir Head Office, Istanbul , Ankara and Mersin Branch Offices became a WCA INTER GLOBAL   member.